Novice Course (CLASS C)



Novice Course (Class C) This is a specialized course designed for experience pet groomers who would like be an Singapore Kennel Club qualified Class C Professional Pet Groomer. Groomers must have at least 1 year of grooming experience.
This course will greatly augment your skillset and speed and prepare you for the SKC Grooming Examinations. Students will be sitting for Class C SKC Theory and Practical Examination at the end of this course. Students will concentrate on enhancing scissoring skills, speed, accuracy and practice creating symmetrical balance & proper expression, as well as leaning how to avoid creating faults on Dummy and Real dogs, in preparation for the Examinations




*  All Professional Grooming Tools Box Kits are available for purchase in the school

* Grooming Models for examination/competition is available for rent and subjected to availability and terms and condition applies