Professional Pet Groomer Course(Class C)

Supergroomers Pets Academy

Is an established Pet Grooming School in Singapore. We conduct Professional Pet Grooming Courses and Dog Grooming Courses in Singapore for all classes, be it for those who are seeking a career in the Pet Grooming Industry, Pet Grooming Salon owners who want to upgrade their skills and their Staff’s or those who simply want to acquire an additional professional Skillset.  Our Pet Grooming School also provides Basic Dog Grooming Classes for Pet Owners who want to learn to groom and care for their own Dogs or even Dog Grooming Courses for people who are contemplating a career change and want to learn be an Assistant Pet groomer.

The Supergroomers Professional Pet Grooming Course is the hallmark of all Pet Grooming Courses in Singapore. This course is an important baseline as with all accredited Pet Grooming courses, Pet Grooming Schools in Singapore and Dog Grooming Courses in Singapore.  This is so, because acquiring proper Pet Grooming Fundamentals are an essential and important step of your journey in learning and will steer you in the direction of Pet Grooming Success.

At Our Pet Grooming School, our main focus is to bring forth the greatest potential in every student, not only to realize our personal goals and aspirations but more importantly to fulfil the burning desire to enhance and bring about a higher order of Pet grooming standards in Singapore and Internationally.  Enrol in our Dog Grooming Classes Today!

“Our Mission is to Enhance Pet care and Dog Grooming Standards Worldwide thru Developing The New Generation of Pet Groomers, The Supergroomers!” – Chief Instructor Michelle Foo

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*  All Professional Grooming Tools Box Kits are available for purchase in the school

* Grooming Models for examination/competition is available for rent and subjected to availability and terms and condition applies