Supergroomers Pets Academy is an Established Pet Grooming School in Singapore. We conduct Courses for all Classes and levels of Pet Grooming Skills and even Pet grooming for beginners. If you are looking to acquire a Great skill or to start a Rewarding Career in this fast growing industry, look no further as you have found the right place, this is where to learn dog grooming in Singapore. With more than 13 years of grooming experience as a Chief Groomer and Instructor with a Leading Grooming Centre in Singapore, Our Instructor Michelle Foo has had humble beginnings and has personally groomed more than 25,000 Dogs, served as Chief Instructor to all the staff that had been employed at the Centre and for many years of her career she has taught Pet grooming for beginners with no prior experience and groomed them to be successful Professional Pet Groomers. As such, she has greatly developed a Culminating edge in Pet Grooming Technicality and Superiority. Armed with a solid and diverse educational foundation and a great passion for student development, she has an abundance of knowledge and skills to impart, be it to an apprentice, novice, intermediate, expert or even beginners who have no knowledge of Pet grooming, as long as they have a dedication and yearning to learn , unlearn and relearn. If you have the passion and dedication, this is where to learn dog grooming in Singapore. Explore our website to learn more on our Pet Grooming Courses



SKC Appointed School

We are an appointed pet grooming academy with Singapore Kennel Club Singapore

Affiliated School

We are proud to affiliate with one of Taiwan's Top Grooming Academies. Our common goal is to actualize higher pet care and grooming standards worldwide and we are in alliance on a programme to enhance pet grooming versatility, show grooming experience and greater skillsets for our students. For more information please contact us.




"Over 100 Recommendations!!"

AK Ice

Alvin & Michelle guided us through the session with knowledge & tips that we feel llike Super
PAWrents now
Thanks Supergroomers Pets Academy!!
— with PK Aloysius at  Supergroomers Pets Academy Pte Ltd – Pet Grooming School

Jacky Ong

I've done things like bathing, a full day out with my dada.
Feel free take a look at it's course, if interested.

Ong Qin Hui

Thanks to Supergroomers Pets Academy,
for having me today and all from Skills future
More fun with my pet dog then!

Serena Leong

Get to learn how to groom my dog – from the proper combing, to dematting and the tools to use. Also
learn the proper showering techniques.

Nicole Chew

I had fun while learning how to groom my dog

Aaron Lim

We were able to learn the basic full pet grooming on a double coated sheep dog.
we are pet owners ourselves and have been DIY grooming on our local SS breed.
This course has taught us the right way to groom our dog and prolong a healthy lifestyle of our dog.

Dingz Bellerie

was with my pet at supergroomers, the instructor teach us so much we learn so much now i can
better understand my pet thank you supergroomer pet

Clarence Teo

Learn so much about how to handle difference type of pets and the skill and technic of pet grooming
thanks Alvin and team member for the support and guide during the course.

Nick Chew

A very fruitful program for pet groomer as a entry level.

Foo Vian Chan

A very reaponsible instructor who will try to impart all his knowledge to help you and your pet. After
the class, i amable to cut nails, shave hygiene areas, remove hair from ear, clean ear, shave paw
pads and also bathe and blow dry my dogs properly now. Great class!!!!

Roy Cheong

I attended the supergroomers course and it help me to gain alot of knowledge of keeping the dog
health and beautiful. It very important to know all this knowledge and apply on your own dog
because it will keep your dog health and long life. Tks.

Suzy Chin

Had a great time learning.

Erix Lim

attended dog grooming essentials course at Supergroomers. although is a 1 day course, but
information was well fed for basic grooming and instructor Alvin is able to give examples to relate to
course material. recommended course for pet owners

Lene Ho

Good day at the grooming at supergroomers. We learn what to do and not to do to pets and how to
handle them with care. And also that grooming is a very impt to pet health and give them a quality
life. We learn not only skill from supergroomers but all the above.

Celine Ang

Attended the 1 day basic grooming course and it was helpful as Alvin share with us the insights
about what we should note . Especially during the practical session where we get to perform the
skills on our dogs. Jessie and Alvin goes around to see what issues we encounter and corrects us
on the spot. This is must go course for owners .

Daniel Tan

Is a one day course and we have learn the basic grooming and gain knowledge on the dog health,
behaviour, proper way to trim the nails, checking and skin problems and correct way showering the
dog. I’ll looking forward to attend the full course in futures.

Kelly YW

I attended the 1-day course . The course is not just about basic grooming but the knowledgeable
instructor taught us so much about taking care of our dogs, recognising their health conditions, etc.
The grooming team is always there to assist and to answer any of our questions. I would highly
recommend this course!

Deliss Bludy

It is a very detail basic dog grooming essentials course conducted by discreet trainer Mr. Alvin. Am
delighted that could use Skills Future credit for this. Whoever interested in this industry, can pick up
the courses at Supergroomers, believe you will not regret it…

Fiona Lim

Really enjoyed the Basic grooming course today. Now I know how to cut nails, trim fur etc. properly.
Thank you!

SweeLuan Lim

The basic dog grooming essential course is very useful for pet owner. I am sure my pet and myself
are benefited by the things learned during the course.

Vickie Chen

Groomers are very cheerful , caring & professional .. it’s highly recommended 🙂

Loh Yi-Shin

Wonderful insights from Alvin and Michelle on dog grooming! Learned alot from just a single day

Lee David

course material is very informative and useful. I am now more confident to groom my dogs.

Anna Wong

good place and good classes

Felicia Ng

Trainers (Alvin & Michelle) are very patient and demostrate well, teaches in detail on the skills
aquired in basic grooming.
Well recommended to Pets Owners or people who are interested in grooming.

Jennifer Quay

The basic grooming course is very useful and hands on for pet owners. It also teaches basic care for

Aimee Chua

professional and experience trainer and groomer.
Good environment for course training.


Very informative. As a dog owner, I pick up many new info and gain deeper knowledge about my
dog and acquire a skill.

Eunicexiuli Ong

It is definitely an interesting course that I have attended. It allows me to understand more about
basic grooming and the basic needs to groom a pet. It is a one day course which includes theory
and practical! And allowing us to groom our own pets. Great course indeed!

Lena Liow

Pleasant training with an knowledgeable trainer who covered more than what a basic grooming
actually covered.

Pei Ling Chung

I feel the course have taught me a lot of helpful info & skills. I wish I can use this skill to groom my

Rena DS

I have spent a very fruitful session and has learnt a lot. Alvin and Michelle are very patient and eager
to share their knowledge. Will recommend friends to attend this training. Thank you

Edween Tan

Enriching course with useful insights to handling and grooming for pets. Very professional and
friendly trainers and conducive environment for learning.

Linnie ChewLin

The trainer and staffs are all very friendly and helpful.
There is also plenty of chances to ask questions and answers are also given.
My knowledge improved a lot after this workshop.

Billy Elaine Tan

e trainer are very helpful and knowledgeable.. willing to answer our doubt before moving on to next
topic.. lesson not dry.. very interesting.. varies of dog to approach for training.. special thanks to my
pepsi today for being my partner

Meei Sy Lai

Just completed a basic grooming course, very detail presentation of dog wellness and behaviour to
get better understanding of dogs. Hands-on grooming guidance is very good and allows us to truly
understand and experience the essential points to note and how to deal with difficult situations.
Make me realise there's still alot of to learn about dogs. recommend all dog owners to attend the
basic course to better take care of their dog.

Adrian Is Adrian

Very interesting course attended. Learn much of the basic grooming essentials to groom my dog.
Thanks for the good knowledge shared.

Ann Ng

Friendly and patient trainers who imparts skills and knowledge efficiently. We had a great time
having lesson with them!

Cui Lian

Wonderful learning experience w Alvin & Michelle! Learnt alot from them, patient in teaching the
basic grooming of our pet dogs & the importance of grooming

Khushi Jatia

There was so much to learn in the pet grooming course including paw pad shaving, nail clipping,
bathing and drying techniques etc. They are great skills to learn for your own pet!

Shirely Lim

The course is interesting. I am able to learn techniques like shaving, nails trimming, and cleaning of
ear wax. The school cares and are patience about/with the dogs.

Chris Loh

learned a lot about caring for my dog and also the sickness that can be contacted by the dog.

David Weng Kheong

Experience trainer, very informative. Learn alot as a beginner.

Hee Ming Min

just attended a basic grooming course with them. very patient teachers and I have learnt many
valuable knowledge about my dog.

WenDii Kong

Great 1 day course covered by skillsfuture, learned a lot on grooming our pets correctly and safely,
Alvin shown a lot of patience and is generous in sharing his knowledge, which helps a lot of 1st
timing proper grooming of our lovely paw pals, thanks!!

Orochi Lucas Erika

Explanations on every detailing is covered, and Alvin is very patience to go step by step and
attended every queries I had to make sure I understand. Definitely recommended to come here to
learn more about your dog's well being and basic grooming to make your pet comfortable.

Jasmyn Yee-Ang

The pet grooming course is super cool! See how attentive i am!
My human finally knows how to cut my nails properly and do the basic grooming for me!
Thank you Coach Alvin for helping us to understand each other better!

Jennifer Lim

The instructors are very clear with their training. I learned a lot about basic grooming. An excellent
institution to earn from the best.

Peach Lingg

I’ve learned the basic grooming skills of a pet including understanding the tools, the behaviour, the
health issues of a dog~ perfect learning environment. A small class of 6 allows optimal coaching.

Audrey Chen

Trainer and groomers are very helpful and have great knowledge. Enjoyed ourselves very much.

Champ Fong

Great place to learn about basic grooming and how to do so

Justin Chua

Having own our very first pet dog, we have decided to attend the course on dog grooming.
It is really insightful and we were taught a lot of small details to take note of when grooming your
dog. The Trainers are very knowledgeable and patient when teaching us the basics of grooming.
I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a pet and wants to find out more.

Richard Stevenson

Wanting to care for my pets brought me to Supergroomers Pets Academy. I've learn a great deal
from the Basic Grooming Essential Course I took today. My tutor Alvin is great. I hope to practice
and become proficient as well as to take up other courses in due course.

Cheriss Ong

professional and well trained trainer.. I learn alot from the course and it is definitely useful for dog

Kay Foong

Very knowledgeable and awards winning teachers who are very friendly and approachable and
willing to impart their knowledge and experiences. Superb facilities and professional tools on loan for
highly practical sessions in grooming actual live dogs. I've only attended a 1 day Basic Dog
Grooming Workshop and I've came to learn more in depth about how to care for and inspect dogs on
common health issues which I've never known before the years of being a dog owner… Definitely
worth it to attend the workshop if you really care for and love your dogs. Attached is a photo of me
during the Basic Dog Grooming Workshop and with Bailey the Shih Tzu whom I had practical basic
grooming upon.

Praise Tan

Informative course on pet grooming. The staff are extremely helpful in assisting us in the grooming

Rani Sundra Rajan

I had the greatest time of my life.
Knowing how many things we did not know what do with our babies.
It has opened my eyes to what I thought I knew.
All I can say I love ….I love it ….I love it….

Gilbert Handoco

Very professional and structured way of teaching. The staffs are very passionate in their job, and I
learnt a lot of good practice in dog grooming.

Jas Jin Cheng

Attended a one day course. Very comprehensive and detailed. I learned a lot and benefits from the
course on the basic grooming of pet. Thank you.

Tracy Lim

It was a very detailed course . Within a day I learned a lot on how to provide more for my fur kids
well being . Patience trainer Alvin . A little distracted by the surrounding noise but overall 4/5. 1-1
coaching is fantastic . Will go for their full grooming lesson.

Karen Koh

learnt quite a lot abt basic grooming and dog behaviour. will recommend to everyone as its very

Jillin Foo

Alvin is so knowledgeable, very enjoyable attending his class

Elin Wong

My husband and I attended this course to learn how to groom our little puppy and we found it to be
very useful! Alvin is extremely patient and professional and we are really glad we came for this.
Thanks to all the other instructors who guided us throughout this grooming process as well! 🙂

Choo Lee Lian

Professional and friendly trainers and assistants. A great place to start our basic grooming
knowledge and techniques to do it for our furry pals at home. Theory and practical included! I indeed
learned a fair bit. I will recommend this workshop – Dog Grooming Essentials!

Kelly Tham

Trainer Alvin is very knowledgeable and is patient and clear in his explanation. Course content is
appropriate. Recommended for dog owners who wish to learn more to do self care for their doggies.

Anthea Lee

It was a very informative and interactive class and I have gained a lot of knowledge from the one day
class. I would definitely recommend all pet lovers to join the basic dog grooming class! Staffs are
extremely friendly, helpful and very patient in guiding and explaining the dos and donts during the
practical lessons.
Thank you!

Petsim Ang

Very useful and informative course. Course not only touches on grooming but on pet care as well.
The staff are all very nice, friendly, helpful and professional. Recommended for all dog lovers.

Jason Chua

Alvin & Michelle are super knowledgeable and forthcoming in sharing their skills & knowledge. Most
importantly they have a strong passion for animals dedicated to give their best to animal welfare.
This course is a must go for pet owners if u really do love your furkids….
Thanks Alvin & Michelle

Elaine Seah

Completed the Basic Grooming Essentials course today, 09 Dec. Instructor Alvin was very patient
and efficient in guiding us through the theory aspects and also the hands-on grooming session.
Highly recommend this course for ALL dog owners in Singapore!

Marlyn Tan

Attended the Dog Grooming Essentials Course . It is enriching and informative. The trainer is well-
versed and engage participants to enhance learning. I have always wanted to be able to groom my
dog and this course equipped me with the basic grooming skills and I am also able to understand the
importance of dog grooming to maintain a healthy and happy dog.

Lydia Lim

Is a very useful and interesting course and I have learnt alot ftom it . Now I know how to basic groom
my dog and the lesson is very valuable for any dog owners. I may consider to do a professional
course from them in the future

Janus Yeo

Trainer is very knowledgeable and give professional advise on dogs handling. He explained the use
of the grooming tools and make sure that all the participants get to experience all the basic grooming
requirements and perform them correctly. The course provides important pet care information which
are useful for pet owners as well as those who intend to enter the industry

Sy Wu

Went for the basic grooming course n was very impressed with how professional, experienced and
knowledgeable the trainers are. The trainers have many accolades under their belts and I felt
assured that I was doing the right thing when I was doing the hands-on learning. Definitely the place
I will go back to when I want to learn the professional grooming course.

Rebecca Soh

The trainers are very experience and he has impart useful handling and grooming techniques to us!
Good Job!!

Tiffany Leo

Attended the one day basic grooming class and gained alot of knowledge and hands on experience
that will help me in grooming my pugs.

Klarence Ng

Awesome experience!
Trainers were extremely friendly and knowledgeable.
Proper Techniques was taught and the Trainers explain in details to make sure everyone

Rajeswari Chandramurthi

Attended dog grooming essentials course. Trainer was very patient and provided proper guidance
on the correct handling techniques of grooming tools.

Soon WeiLun

Highly recommend for pet owner that want to learn the basic of grooming your own pet or establish a
new skill.

Michelle Lim

Was here for basic grooming course with my Shetland. Learning pet care experience with wonderful
professional trainers.

Mie Liu MeiHui

Tainer (Alvin) is very experience and knowledgeable. He is able to answer your concerns and
recommend you ideas. Very patience with the students who needs help with the pratical.
Course content is actually more than what I expected and really interesting. Probably will join this
course again in the future

Anqi Hayley Lee

Attended a one day basic pet grooming conducted by Alvin and really liked how the course was
conducted. There were comprehensive notes provided. Alvin was also great at engaging the
participants. Enjoyed the practical the most – Michelle guided us during this as well and imparted her
expertise and helped boost my confidence with her overseeing since it was my first time using a
clipper to shave a dog's paw pads, etc 🙂

Siew Chin Yeo

the trainer was very patient and provided us with the knowledge and ample time was given for the
hands on practical .

Michael Cheong

Came here for a 1 days course on grooming Oscar and wow, I’ve learnt so much more about dog
care. Alvin is a great teacher who gave good tips on dog care, body language and much more.
Highly recommended for those who wants to take care of their dogs well.

Joseph J Ong

Gain good knowledge and practical hands on practice for the one day course. Highly recommended!

Addy Turquoise

The full day course with Supergroomers is very informative and it provides essential knowledge for pet owners to take better care of their pet. Apart from that, it also help owners acquire important skills to groom their pet and enhance their well-being. I find that the course is very useful and I will definitely recommend it to people who are concern about the proper grooming of their own pet.

Ju Tan

The Basic Pet Grooming course was interesting and I learnt a lot about pet grooming. Alvin Law, our instructor was also very professional and patient with me. I enjoyed the training very much. Thank you !

Gayathri Tamilarasu

I had very best experience with the instructors in this school. Learned a lot of new skills. Looking forward for more classes!

Allez Pep

Alvin was very detailed in explaining everything. I have learnt a lot more about dog grooming. Great place if you want to learn more about how to groom your own pets for to take up more advanced courses

Carol Cheong-Tay

Very detailed explanations and teaching of basic grooming. Friendly and helpful teachers and staff. Will definitely recommend them for anyone who wants to learn the basics of grooming their own dogs or as a step towards professional grooming.

Komathi Hemalsree

A one day basic grooming course, which was very useful for someone like me who came with zero knowledge about dog grooming. The hands on part was totally interesting. I’m going back with “nothing” to “something”. Looking forward to attend more courses in the future.

Agnes Lim

Attended the course today. It was well presented and comprehensive , specially tailored for a better understanding on how to keep our furry tip top. Hands on training was guided by the professional and queries were answered throughout the session. Definitely enriched myself , having an enjoyable time with Supergroomers.
Thank you Michelle and Alvin !
Lastly, the couse was paid using Skillfuture credit !

Leong Yoke Ying

I attended their Dog Grooming Essentials Course and found the lesson really helpful! Alvin was very professional during the whole course and even helped to point out problems with my dog that I was not aware of before, and even gave suggestions on how to take care of the problem and provide a make up lesson for a part of the class that I was unable to practice. Grateful to Michelle too for her professionalism and knowledge on updating information about grooming. Overall a wonderful experience and worth the time, really happy with the overall course; will highly recommend to my friends and anyone out there who would like to learn more about pet grooming!

Steffi Lee

The teachers are patience and teach in details… Michelle and Alvin did a great jobs on making me understand the important of basic grooming… After this course I have a better understanding and help me in future to give my dog the best care . Thank you very much .

Steffi Lee