Supergroomers Pets Academy is an Established Pet Grooming School in Singapore. We conduct Courses for all Classes and levels of Pet Grooming Skills and even Pet grooming for beginners. If you are looking to acquire a Great skill or to start a Rewarding Career in this fast growing industry, look no further as you have found the right place, this is where to learn dog grooming in Singapore. With more than 13 years of grooming experience as a Chief Groomer and Instructor with a Leading Grooming Centre in Singapore, Our Instructor Michelle Foo has had humble beginnings and has personally groomed more than 25,000 Dogs, served as Chief Instructor to all the staff that had been employed at the Centre and for many years of her career she has taught Pet grooming for beginners with no prior experience and groomed them to be successful Professional Pet Groomers. As such, she has greatly developed a Culminating edge in Pet Grooming Technicality and Superiority. Armed with a solid and diverse educational foundation and a great passion for student development, she has an abundance of knowledge and skills to impart, be it to an apprentice, novice, intermediate, expert or even beginners who have no knowledge of Pet grooming, as long as they have a dedication and yearning to learn , unlearn and relearn. If you have the passion and dedication, this is where to learn dog grooming in Singapore. Explore our website to learn more on our Pet Grooming Courses



SKC Appointed School

We are an appointed pet grooming academy with Singapore Kennel Club Singapore

Affiliated School

We are proud to affiliate with one of Taiwan's Top Grooming Academies. Our common goal is to actualize higher pet care and grooming standards worldwide and we are in alliance on a programme to enhance pet grooming versatility, show grooming experience and greater skillsets for our students. For more information please contact us.




"Over 100 Recommandations!!"


Addy Turquoise

The full day course with Supergroomers is very informative and it provides essential knowledge for pet owners to take better care of their pet. Apart from that, it also help owners acquire important skills to groom their pet and enhance their well-being. I find that the course is very useful and I will definitely recommend it to people who are concern about the proper grooming of their own pet.

Ju Tan

The Basic Pet Grooming course was interesting and I learnt a lot about pet grooming. Alvin Law, our instructor was also very professional and patient with me. I enjoyed the training very much. Thank you !

Gayathri Tamilarasu

I had very best experience with the instructors in this school. Learned a lot of new skills. Looking forward for more classes!

Allez Pep

Alvin was very detailed in explaining everything. I have learnt a lot more about dog grooming. Great place if you want to learn more about how to groom your own pets for to take up more advanced courses

Carol Cheong-Tay

Very detailed explanations and teaching of basic grooming. Friendly and helpful teachers and staff. Will definitely recommend them for anyone who wants to learn the basics of grooming their own dogs or as a step towards professional grooming.

Komathi Hemalsree

A one day basic grooming course, which was very useful for someone like me who came with zero knowledge about dog grooming. The hands on part was totally interesting. I'm going back with "nothing" to "something". Looking forward to attend more courses in the future.

Agnes Lim

Attended the course today. It was well presented and comprehensive , specially tailored for a better understanding on how to keep our furry tip top. Hands on training was guided by the professional and queries were answered throughout the session. Definitely enriched myself , having an enjoyable time with Supergroomers. Thank you Michelle and Alvin ! Lastly, the couse was paid using Skillfuture credit !

Leong Yoke Ying

I attended their Dog Grooming Essentials Course and found the lesson really helpful! Alvin was very professional during the whole course and even helped to point out problems with my dog that I was not aware of before, and even gave suggestions on how to take care of the problem and provide a make up lesson for a part of the class that I was unable to practice. Grateful to Michelle too for her professionalism and knowledge on updating information about grooming. Overall a wonderful experience and worth the time, really happy with the overall course; will highly recommend to my friends and anyone out there who would like to learn more about pet grooming!

Steffi Lee

The teachers are patience and teach in details... Michelle and Alvin did a great jobs on making me understand the important of basic grooming... After this course I have a better understanding and help me in future to give my dog the best care . Thank you very much .