We are an established Pet Grooming School in Singapore. We conduct Professional Pet Grooming Courses and Dog Grooming Courses in Singapore for all classes, be it for those who are seeking a career in the Pet Grooming Industry, Pet Grooming Salon owners who want to upgrade their skills and their Staff’s or those who simply want to acquire an additional professional Skillset. Our Pet Grooming School also provides Basic Dog Grooming Classes for Pet Owners who want to learn to groom and care for their own Dogs or even Dog Grooming Courses for people who are contemplating a career change and want to learn be an Assistant Pet groomer.

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Certificate of Appointment.
Supergroomers Pet Academy.
SKC Appointed School

We are an appointed pet grooming academy with Singapore Kennel Club Singapore

Supergroomers Pet Academy.
Affiliated School

We are proud to affiliate with one of Taiwan’s Top Grooming Academies providing greater skillsets for our students.

Supergroomers Pet Academy.
FCI: Asia Pacific Section
Supergroomers Pet Academy.
Best in Singapore

Our Credentials

  • FCI Class A Outstanding Groomer Award
  • SKC Grooming Judge
  • Taiwan Class A Advanced Poodle Clipping
  • SKC Class A Certified Groomer
  • Certificate of Advanced Pet Grooming Singapore
  • SKC Open Class Certified Groomer
  • SKC Class B Certified Groomer
  • Certificate of Advanced Pet Grooming Singapore
  • Skill Certificate in Pet Care and Companion Animals
  • USA International Certified Master Groomer
  • USA International Certified Sporting Breeds
  • USA International Certified Non-Sporting Breeds
  • USA Certificate in Salon Details
  • Certificate in Professional Pet Grooming Singapore
  • Certified Professional Pet Grooming (In assoc. Pets Beautiful Canada)

Our Awards

  • FCI Class A Outstanding Award
  • SKC Examination/APAC Competition Overall Champion
  • SKC Outstanding Groomer Award
  • SKC Class A 1st Prize
  • SKC Class A Best Technical Award
  • SKC Class B 2nd Prize
  • SKC Class B Technical Award
  • IPG Master Groomer International Model Grooming Distinction Award

Meet Foo Michelle

Our Instructor and Director

With more than 18 years of grooming experience as a Chief Groomer and Instructor with a Leading Grooming Centre in Singapore, she has personally groomed more than 25,000 pets and served as Chief Instructor to all the staff that had been employed at the Centre. Michelle is adept in curriculum selection and teaching development. She is well endowed in grooming skillsets, communication and leadership abilities.

Armed with a solid and diverse educational foundation and a great passion for student development, she has an abundance of knowledge and skills to impart, be it to an apprentice, novice, intermediate, expert or even someone who is totally new to this Industry, as long as they have a dedication and yearning to learn, unlearn and relearn.

“I” can do it so can YOU, Think positive! Learn, Unlearn and Relearn and Learn again.

Her focus is to bring out the greatest potential in every student, not only to realize her personal goals and aspirations but more importantly to fulfill the burning desire to enhance and bring about a higher order of Pet grooming standards internationally, which is the Mission of Supergroomers Pets Academy.


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