SKC Appointed School

A Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) Appointed Grooming Academy

Her Story

Michelle has a remarkable record of  more than 14 years in the Pet Grooming Industry. From the age of 21 years old she took up the career of her life. She has traveled to many countries like USA, Canada, China and Taiwan in the quest to upgrade her skills and develop herself for her Role as Chief Instructor of Supergroomers Pets Academy .With a humble and inquisitive attitude, she believes that one must never stop learning, so that she did,  from the best teachers around the world.

Supergroomers Pets Academy Pte Ltd

Founded in 2017 by Director/Instructor Foo Michelle. We began our journey in 2006 through Masmasgroomers Pets Grooming Centre our main salon and now a well established Pet Grooming Salon in the east area.

“Our Mission is to Enhance Pet care and Grooming Standards Worldwide thru Developing The New Generation of Pet Groomers, The Supergroomers!” – Foo Michelle